Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What Type of HS Are You?


I have been doing a lot of reading about different homeschooling methods. There are a lot of diverse approaches out there. A couple of the primary ones include the Charlotte Mason approach which advocates the use of "living books" and nature journals, the "unschooling method" which is a less structured, more child directed mode of learning and the Classical approach which is based on a"cycle" that breaks learning down into 3 different levels - the logic, grammar and rhetoric stages.

All of these methods have a lot of appealing aspects but I can't say that one single approach is right for us. If I had to describe the method that appeals to me the most I'd have to say its a mixture of a number of methods...I'd call it the Classical Eclectic approach. I read the Susan Wise Bauer book called A Well Trained Mind which advocates the Classical Method but being a slave to the method seems limiting to me however I did drawn alot of great ideas from it. I like the idea of using real works of great literature. I like the idea of teaching history chronologically as opposed to an ad hoc approach. I think its important to teach children a whole world view....not just geography and history of the state they live in. I think its vital to give my children both a religious and a liberal arts education. To encourage my children to think for themselves and think outside of the square.

So I have the bones of an educational approach to start with. Next step is to start picking out curriculum...this might take a while!

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