Monday, March 16, 2009

Boys Toys


Anyone who has a brother, son, father or husband...(so really every female on the face of the earth) will all know one indisputable truth. ....that once a boy, ALWAYS a boy.


On a recent Australian vacation my brother was showing us his pride and joy. My son, Jack was beside himself that he was actually allowed to get in it and go for a ride. A ride I might add that most probably defied all speed limits...but I will never know for sure as it is only a 2 seater car so there wasn't enough room in it for me to ride along with them! My subsequent ride in it was at a lot more of a sedate speed I'm sure, although I still managed to come back with my hair looking like it had been blow dried by a hurricane.


As my son got out of the car he assured me that one day he too will own a car just like this one. Once a boy...ALWAYS a boy!


  1. Isn't that the truth! I think the same thing when I see my father-in-law do something silly and boy-like just to get a rise out of my mother-in-law!

  2. When I first looked at the first picture I thought maybe Matt had finally settled on a new car!! ;)

    Glad to know the RV isn't out of the running yet! ;)

    That car looks like trouble!

  3. That looks so sweet! I would be in so much trouble in that - just call me lead foot. My boys, too, but I think they are worse than I am.

  4. Bleech. Cars. In my opinion the only cars that should be yellow are school buses and taxis.

    I'm the type of girl that wants something to get me from here to there and there to here while staying mostly dry. If I've got that I'm good.

  5. LOL! In a former life, I would have probably thought that car was great fun, too!

    Now that I have a little boy of my own (who is obsessed with cars and wheels), I'd have to say it's less appealing. I'll just let him look at the photos on your blog and dream of the day when he too, can own something like this. ;)

  6. Pete picked Ellie up from netball practice last week in the "yellow" car....her friends thought she was joking bout going in it, so they said to her "go & put ya bags in it then!", so she did. I would loved to have seen their little faces.

  7. Got to admit though a ride in a car like that would be very cool for a young boy or a young boy at heart (all boys!!)

    you are so right boys will always be boy and will always like their toys.

  8. I've got to admit, even I would love a car like that (and I drive a Honda minivan). A hot yellow speedster is probably the only thing that could take me over to the dark side.