Friday, March 20, 2009

Its Official


I met with the Principal of the children's school today. The school is currently re-enrolling kids for next year and I thought it was a good time to let them know that we wouldn't be back in the fall. I wanted to tell her personally about our decision to homeschool....knowing that rumors can start and spread fast and I wanted to make sure that when we leave the school we do so on good terms and with no regrets.

We have been involved with a lot of school activities, fundraisers and sports over the past 5 years, we pay all our tuition on time every month and its pretty rare that we complain about anything so I think she was genuinely disappointed that we were leaving. She said she has reservations about our decision to homeschool...and to be honest I would expect that. I can't imagine a school principal patting me on the back and lauding my homeschool decision as the best educational option for my children. The funny thing is that her biggest concern is the issue of socialization ...especially for my middle school daughter. It seems odd to me that this would be an issue especially since my daughter has been in the same class with the same 20 kids for the last 5 years.

Nevertheless I listened to her concerns, thanked her politely and felt quite liberated as I left her office. I really feel like its official...that our homeschool journey has begun!

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